Thursday, November 4, 2010

sumthin about women!

haha...i juz read kinda article which tell sumthn bout women...4 women...chill kayh..take a deep breath n enjoy ur reading..heee....

WOMEN are controlled by their hormones - even a small amount of hormones sending their emotions into whirl (kind of swinging n changes)

meanwhile MEN are immune to those chemicals - dats y they owez acts cool and calm [laid-back]= lack of emotions  ( sumtimes infuriating women )

WOMEN has a higher rate of depression, post traumatic stress disorder & other anxiety problems.

The study focused on one of the hormone- Corticotropin Releasing Factor a.k.a. CRF which control a body reaction to stress (psychiatric condition)

however they only test it on animal and make some similarities with humans

WOMEN are twice as vulnerable as MEN (men can conrol/reduce the amount of hormones) is quite undeniable article but i thnk as a human we both can still control it may need a lot of effort from WOMEN myb...^^


fieda said...

ea? patOt laa..

114178(91) said... juz cant fully cntrol us!huhu..we dcide ourself..hee